Deuces to the Dubs!

This magical event was in honor of Taylor Pannell's birthday and the

Soft Opening of Taylor'd Mind Studios. For this event we had local Musical artist, vendors, tattoo artist, piercing and catering! This Soft Opening was to showcase a few things that the studio offers!

A message from Taylor:

" I choose to do my Soft Opening on my birthday for multiple reasons. I had already planned to do it at the end of the year to close out the year. So that the Grand Opening can began a new year. It was the end of the year and the end of a decade. And it is the last year in my 20s! There is a lot of letting go I wanted to release before I embarked on this new journey. And then... I was in a car accident. So much was revealed to me in that accident. But honestly, I could've died. If you seen my car, you'd probably say, she shouldn't of came out alive after that. BUT I DID! So then, I REALLY wanted to throw this event just to honor my life that I am so appreciative to have! Thank you God, you the homie for real!"

- Taylor Pannell

Here are a few photos of the amazing event!

Looks amazing?! Check out a little snippet of the full video coming soon!

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