Updated: Jun 6, 2020

Stevante Clark introduces Taylor Pannell at the Protest for George Floyd

at the Ceasar Chavez Memorial Park

Taylor Pannell went to the protest for George Floyd and many others that have been affected by Police Brutality. She allowed many people to express how they feel on canvas. She wanted our voices to be heard without vandalizing our streets.



Dear Gavin Newsom, Darrell Steinberg and Daniel Hahn,

I'd like to introduce myself, my name is Taylor Pannell. I am a native of Sacramento and human being that would like to spread love and peace as far and wide as I possibly can. The best way I know how to do that is with my voice and with my art.

So I am here, I presented my art to you and now I would like to present to you my voice. As a disclaimer I would like to say I have no malicious intent and I ask you to drop any bias' you may possibly have and try to understand.

My purpose with all of this is bring some type of solution to the table. Here I stand baring my soul unto you asking for your help. So please listen with a quiet and understanding heart.

There are many of us who feel silenced during this time. Personally, I feel the need to be still and quiet and quite frankly to keep to myself. But God knew I felt the pain of the world so he gave me an idea.

So with this idea I created artwork. In this artwork, my hands are grabbing the face of an officer, as you would a disruptive child to gain full attention.

What releases from my lips is the voices of many sad, tired, angry and hopeless souls of Sacramento who also share the same feelings throughout the world.

I decided to go out to the protest during the evening on Tuesday, June 2nd because I felt the need to go help my fellow people release in a more positive way.

A few nights ago, the riot group blew up 7-Eleven which is underneath my residential complex - which also put our lives in jeopardy. I wasn't very upset because I knew why they were so angry. Hell, after seeing that video, I wanted to blow something up but I know that is not the answer.

Although, I know that is not the answer there are people who lose hope and feel like they have nothing else to lose. Or when there hasn't been any other solution provided and see violence gets heard then that is what they will result to. I mean, our country is built on violence. The only positive examples we have that encourage change ends up being destroyed or the inspiration gets killed.

I know many can agree with me when I say all of this is a traumatic experience. People process trauma differently and most people will do whatever they can to not experience a traumatic event ever again.

I am not sure you understand the trauma we have endured - I would love to have a community conference held with a psychologist to help navigate the conversation.

I know one thing is for sure, my people, my loved ones can't keep destroying our city. I know they just want to be heard, especially the ones who were vandalizing the city with graffiti that wasn't permitted. Thus, why I provided a canvas for them to express themselves.

With this artwork you can finally hear what we have to say because you are forced to read it. But you are not reading it with our tone of voice, its substituted with yours. So as you read those words with your voice, image yourself with these emotions and try to feel the pain behind the words. As if you wrote them yourself. By baring those emotions I hope that you can gain some understanding and help provide a solution. In the event you still do not understand, we are here to educate and come together to gain an understanding as a community.

What is happening right now, is not a solution.


You want the violence and destruction to stop but you respond with violence and destruction. Fighting fire with fire never works, because in the end more things are destroyed than preserved. So I come to you asking instead of batons, teargas, rubber bullets, pepper spray, national guards - bring a positive solution that helps us all.

Governor Gavin Newsom you said, “I think that’s what I spent the last three days really trying to understand is people’s feelings and sentiments,” Newsom said. He noted that a number of Californians “are expressing a deep sense of urgency and concern that people aren’t listening, and people aren’t understanding the magnitude of this moment and the need to gravitate toward action, not just rhetoric.” (Los Angeles Times)

  • While you gain more of an understanding, I ask that you put more of effort to implement change. I am not discrediting everything you have done thus far. But I believe people need to see physical results. Maybe its not you literally doing it but providing other qualified individuals in place to help implement change. I read that you asked the communities to step up, how about donating resources and free classes to educate the people.

Mayor Darrell Steinberg you said, " I want everyone to be safe. I want the people of Sacramento to be safe. I want the police officers to be safe. I want our community to be the model in how to fight for change in ways where no one gets hurt... We must model peaceful resistance, nonviolent resistance." (ABC10 Interview)

  • Set The Example.

  • By Implementing the National Guard you set the standard of how this city should look at night. I don't disagree with peace. But as you have your protection come to the people and help provide solutions at the protests. Walk with us in a March. Let us know you actually stand with us and you aren't just speaking for appearances.

Police Chief, Daniel Hahn you said,

"I am able to look at the whole person. I don't really care so much about what you did 10 years ago as I do what you will be doing and where you will be 30 years from now."

(The California State University)

  • If you meant what you said, please view the people and not the actions that lead to a curfew. Help us move forward for the better. There is a need for New tactics to handle citizens and suspects.

I am not here to say I have all the answers, because I know I don't. But I am willing to try and create answers or solutions with help from you.

I request at least 10 officers marching with the protest - your other guards can still protect the city.

  • We need to physically see you do not promote police brutality

Chief Daniel Hahn, you could come on stage during a protest and answer questions that the citizens may have so we can know you actually do care and are working toward change.

A Law that officers cannot shoot when a citizens hands are up because they are expressing they are not a threat and unarmed.

The world is in uproar - asking for help, asking for justice, asking to be seen and asking to be treated like human beings. Right now, you are responding with everything but that.

So I am here, coming to you, just a vessel of God trying to help bring peace, justice and love unto this city and if I can, this world.


Your friendly neighborhood Artist,

Taylor "Taylor'd Mind" Pannell

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