Acrylic on Framed Plywood


This piece is a portrait of four individuals that have contributed in my life in various ways that helped me become the person who I am today. They taught me lessons that I’m not sure I would have received otherwise. They were there for me when I had no one, fed me, created for me and invested in me! 


Although the season has changed and we are on different paths


On my journey I have realized how you start isn’t always how you you finish. What you choose to carry or pick up while you travel will affect your destinations. 

Sometimes you have to let go of that thing you are holding on to because it may weigh you down and you can’t reach your destination. You may even realize after you let it go how much it was harming you. The weight of it on your back was too much. And sometimes you just need to clean out your bag.


As I move forward on my journey I’d like to pay homage to these four individuals who walked some of the pathways with me.


So thank you,


B, A, N & I


You are much appreciated.



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